The Short Story

redkatz was conceived and brought to life out of necessity almost a decade ago.  While we realized then that technology offered all businesses the chance to compete on an even playing field, there wasn't a solutions provider dedicated to the unique needs of the small to mid-size business.  We understand that the solutions we offer have to fit your business needs, but have to be cost effective and affordable.  We don't dictate what you need.  We listen.  We learn.  We offer a solution that's built just for you.  We're don't want to be just your solutions provider.  We want to be your partner.

The Team and Its Partners

redkatz is a Microsoft Partner.  We provide a full range of Microsoft-centric solutions from operating systems for your desktop and server, project management and diagramming, to web-based portals to streamline your business communications.

We provide an impressive roster of industry leading solutions from other vendors such as Intuit's Quickbooks, OpenOffice, IBM's Lotus, WoodPro, and other software such as point-of-sale software, and restaurant management software.


redkatz offers solutions for every information technology need your business has.  See more about our services...

"The only problem with troubleshooting computers is that sometimes trouble shoots back."