redkatz works with companies like CDW, TigerDirect, PCConnections and Insight to provide you with all your hardware at the lowest possible price.  Because we buy in bulk, our customers usually see a signifcant savings when using redkatz as their purchasing agent.  

Besides providing your new hardware at reduced cost, redkatz can repair or maintain your existing hardware infrastructure.  We offer service level agreements that will greatly reduce the cost of maintaining any hardware currently used in your business.


Like hardware, redkatz can assist you with the purchase of new software, as well as the installation and training to fully utilize your new purchase.  We offer standard office products from Microsoft and OpenOffice, but also have extensive background in many vertical markets that need special software including physician practices, law offices, restaurants, city management, public schools, automotive services, and funeral homes.


Networks are a lot more than two soup cans and some string.  There's wired and wireless.  Category 5e or category 6.  Ethernet and gigabit.  Routers, switches and firewalls.  VPN and tunneling.  Voice over IP... Whew!  Don't give it a second thought.  Just call redkatz.   We design and implement wired or wireless networks with enough security to make Ft. Knox jealous.  We help you get to the web as quickly as possible.  We can show you how to save money on your phone bill.  If it travels across a wire or through the air, we can help you with it.

The Web

Need a website?  Got a website that needs some pizzaz?  Just simply need a few pictures replaced?  redkatz can take care of it.  We secure your domain name, set up your hosting and even design the site if you want us to.


redkatz partners with one of South Texas' leading telephone solution providers, CBS Telephone, to provide telecommunication services for your company.


"Life would be so much easier if we only had the source code."